Torah and Avoiding Sin

It is incredibly important to have regular times for learning Torah. This is one of the key precepts brought in Pirkei Avos. In another section of Pirkei Avos it is said in the name of Raban Gamliel “Beautiful is studying Torah with derech eretz, for laboring in both of them leads to forgetting iniquity. AllContinue reading “Torah and Avoiding Sin”

Shabbos Chazon 5780

A gitten erev Shabbos! It is Shabbos Chazon and Parshas Devorim this week. The last posuk of Parshas Devorim says “לא תיראום כי ה’ אלקיכם הוא הנלחם לכם.” Typically this is translated as “Do not fear, because Hashem your God will fight for you.” However the first word is not necessarily a command, rather itContinue reading “Shabbos Chazon 5780”