Sholom aleichem

I am R’ Yechiel Yisroel Bloyd. I was given reshus from a rov here in Williamsburg, where I live, to be online to share Torah. I’m a convert since Zos Chanukah 5778, when my wife and I were converted according to strict halocho by three Orthodox rabbis. I got started on my whole conversion process from a very young age, from 14, and after seven long years, with a hiccup in the middle, I was brought under the wings of the Shechinah. Since I’ve been m’gayer, I’ve learned all Mishnayos, a nice amount of Gemoro, along with Zohar HaKodosh. Halochos relevant to daily life, such as hilchos Kashrus, Shabbos, Tefillah, Brochos, and other sections of Orach Chaim, Yoreh Deah and Even Ezra I’ve learned as well. I’m familiar with various other seforim also, such as Likutei Amarim, Likutei Moharan, Messilas Yeshorim, and many other sifrei chassidus and mussar. I learn nearly constantly, and if I’m not learning, I’m writing or engaged in other mitzvos such as answering questions or offering other assistance for those who need help.

My goal in this site is to help bring Jews closer to Hashem. The world is in a major state of flux right now, which means we all need to work harder to come closer to Hashem and serve Him as best we can. My life is lived according to the conclusion of the story of the Moshiach and the Baal Shem Tov: invested in Toras HaChassidus and spiritual growth, along with helping others in this area.

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