Wiping Out Amalek Through Purim Wine

It is a reasonable question to ask as to how we perform the mitzva of wiping out Amalek on Purim. The Arizal teaches, as is brought by R’ Tzadok HaKohen m’Lublin and many other Tzaddikim, that through drinking and reversing the phrase “Blessed is Mordechai, Cursed is Haman,” meaning to say “Blessed is Haman (ch’vsh),” without kavana, destroys the klippah (harmful vessel) of Amalek through drawing down the lights of brocho (blessing). Brocho is sourced in the sefirah of Binah, which is crucial to remember.

The Rashash teaches that the proper kavana to have while eating on Purim is to focus on connecting with the sefira of Chochma, while the drinking of wine should be focusing on connecting with Binah.

The specific mitzva to drink on Purim is said “ad d’lo yada,” the point that one doesn’t know. One way of understanding this is to explain that we are to transcend even Daas through drinking wine, which is related to Binah on one level, on Purim. Through eating on Purim and drinking wine with this kavana, we connect with the parents of Daas: Chochma and Binah. Through transcending the sefirah of Daas, we connect with Emunah which is higher than all things. While Emunah corresponds to Malchus, we also know that Malchus is naught but a reflection of Keser in truth. Hence the mitzvos to eat a celebratory seudah and drink wine on Purim are really connected to the great truths of Emunah, and through attaining Emunah do we erase Amalek from the world.

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