Erev Shabbos Tetzaveh/Purim 5781

A gitten erev Shabbos and a frailichen Purim! This week’s parsha is Parshas Tetzaveh, in which we are instructed in the various garments the Kohanim were to wear, and the construction of the Mizbeach HaZohov (Golden Altar of incense).

Interestingly enough, in the sixth aliyah which corresponds to the sixth day, which this year just so happens to be Purim, Hashem reminds us of the yetzias Mitzrayim (leaving Egypt). He explicitly tells us in this parsha that He removed us from Mitzrayim in order that He should dwell among us and be our God. The interesting thing is the word used to refer to Hashem as God is the shem Elokim, which is associated with teva (nature). What Hashem wants from us, and the entire reason he freed us from the world of tumah and klippah that is Mitzrayim, is to regard Him as an integral part of our lives. Not just that Hashem is in shul or when we’re learning a nice blatt gemoro, but that every part of physicality we interact with is filled with Divinity.

A lechtigen Purim, a frailichen Shabbos Shushan Purim!

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