Rosh Chodesh Adar 5781: The Joy of Blessing

A git choidesh! From tonight until Motzei Shabbos it is Rosh Chodesh Adar! There is a well-known statement from Chazal “Mi shenichnas Adar marbin b’simcha” (Who that enters Adar grows in joy). It is reasonable to ask how it is that we grow in joy in Adar? After all in sifrei Nigleh (works of exoteric Judaism), the main example given, other than the Purim miracle, is that we should engage in required legal disputes now since we’ll have better luck. For a greater understanding of the mechanics of why there is such an inyan of joy in Adar, we turn to Nistar (secrets of Torah).

The B’Nei Yissoschor brings from the Sefer Yetzirah that Hashem crowned the letter ק and created the month of Adar and laughter therewith. From here it is already clear that in the very spiritual nature of Adar it is full of laughter, being that it is ruled by the letter with which laughter was created.

He also brings from the Sodei Razaya, as brought by the Megaleh Amukos, that the holy Malach (Angel) who rules over Adar is named אברכיא”ל (lit: blessing of God), and beneath this Malach are 25 servant angels who all have names that allude to goodness and blessing. B’Nei Yissoschor writes that the gematria of this specific angel’s name is Seder (Order), which alludes to how in Adar the concealed miracles begin occurring as they did in Megilas Esther; and from here we prepare for the open and revealed miracles of Pesach which Hashem performs for Klal Yisroel to show His great love for us.

What we can see from these sources is that we should take the month of Adar as a wonderful time to grow closer to Hashem, and receive His blessings. Purim itself is referred to as being similar to Yom HaKipurim in many sifrei Chassidus, an interesting reflection thereof is the minhag in certain communities such as Nikolsburg to sing the Nusach of the Yomim Noraim by the seudah. Giving Mishloach Manos (food presents) alludes to how we need to offer others blessings. Hashem told Avrohom Avinu that whoever blesses Avrohom and his descendants will also be blessed; so certainly throughout Adar it is a crucial avodah (service) to bless our fellows and hence receive greater blessings, with which we can bless others even more. In such an auspicious time we could potentially tip the scales to the side of good and im yirtzeh Hashem merit the coming of Moshiach swiftly in our days.

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