T’shuva Fixes Everything

Boruch Hashem, t’shuva (repentance) breaks through all barriers and removes all problems. The Zohar HaKodosh in Saba Mishpatim states unequivocally that t’shuva removes all potential damages that come from sin, and that absolutely nothing can stand in the way of t’shuva. Through doing complete and honest t’shuva, we go beyond the limits of time and literally repair whatever blemishes were made in our neshomos and the higher worlds to be exactly as they were before the sin was committed.

Unfortunately, there are many popular internet figures who like to pour fire and brimstone upon people who have erred rather than talk about this inyan (matter). According to the Toras HaBaal Shem Tov, based upon the earlier sources in Kabbalah, these people are part of the Erev Rav mamesh, since they take people away from doing t’shuva. The main thing in life is to work on knowing Hashem. Though the process of searching and reaching for God involves increasing in sadness, like it says in Koheles that one who grows in Chochma (Wisdom) grows in sorrow, as we grow in Binah (Understanding), we come closer to simcha amitis (true joy). Someone who chooses to bring more sadness and disappointment with a Yid’s avodas Hashem is essentially guaranteeing that such a person will fail and never come to true closeness with God.

Baruch Hashem, we have the Zohar HaKodosh to teach us that t’shuva overcomes all things, and restores us to the pure state we must be in to be in peace with Hashem. It must be remembered that those who teach these wicked ways of fear of Gehennom and Hell Fire are teaching what is essentially a goyish religion, and not Torah. The Torah way is to know that Hashem is the ultimate Rachamon (Merciful One), who loves His Creation and wants us to grow ever closer to Him, and to exist in the original state of purity in which He creates us.

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