Secret of Escaping Misery of Corporeality

“Coincidentally,” put in quotes due to there only being Hashogocho Protis, I learned the shtiklech aggadata in Eruvin having what to do with wine as well as a very interesting Torah from Rebbe Nachman also discussing this inyan.

The Gemoro in Eruvin teaches us that as wine is given in 70, so is sod. This is a reference to the gematrios. Rebbe Nachman teaches that there are Tzaddikim who can accomplish t’shuva through drinking wine based off of the roshei teivos on the posuk “VaYomer Hashem ‘Solachti kid’vorecho,” (And said Hashem ‘I pardon you according to your word.’). The explanation there is that the hidden allusion to wine through the roshei teivos coming to “kosi” (my cup) and “dishanto vashemen roshi” (you have anointed with oil my head) refers to the aspect of drinking wine that leads to the higher aspects of the mind.

As the word for wine (Yayin) corresponds to the word for secret (Sod), there’s an extra aspect we can learn out from both this Gemoro and Rebbe Nachman. The key to attaining true attainments in the mental realm, as well as t’shuva, is through learning Kabbalah. Without this, it is not entirely possible to attain anything of any worth. It says in that Gemoro that wine is for those who mourn to bring them simcha; any organism alive knows what the pain of existence is, the only remedy to even get through existence is Toras HaSod. Without learning Sod, life is misery and empty. With Sod though, true happiness and elevation from the world of darkness, as the Ramchal refers to gashmiyus, becomes finally possible.

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