God The Loving Father

The most important thing for a Jew to remember is the posuk בנים אתם לה’ אלוקיכם, Children are you to Hashem your God. Just as one’s biological status of being related to your parents can never change, nor does our relationship with Hashem as our loving Father change. Even if we chas v’sholom mess up and commit sins, Hashem still loves us and will welcome every single one of us back once we make the active choice to return to Him. He put us in Golus and knew what risks would be present, so doesn’t it follow that He would have mercy on us, considering He is explicitly known as רחום? Even Raavad on Hilchos Krias Shma in Mishnah Torah argues with Rambam on using kinuim (hints to Hashem) in filthy places, stating that the word רחום may not be used about Hashem there since it is such an integral trait of Hashem’s interaction with the world.

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