Erev Shabbos Parshas VaYeitzei 5781

A gitten erev Shabbos! This week’s parsha is Parshas VaYeitzei.

The Midrash Rabah teaches us something very interesting on the posuk “והיה זרעך כעפר הארץ” (And your descendants shall be like dust of the earth). It says there that Klal Yisroel will be like the dust of the earth is a reference to how we will survive through Torah: just like the earth is nourished through water, so will Yidden be blessed through the Torah. This specific verse comes from the blessing that Hashem gave Yaakov Avinu by the story of the Sulam HaShamaima (Ladder of Heaven). The Midrash doesn’t just say over interesting ideas, there’s more we’re meant to understand than simply what it says.

The Zohar HaKodosh and the Tikkunim teach us that Torah Sh’b’ksav (Written Torah) corresponds with the sefirah of Tiferes; as does Yaakov Avinu. Torah Sh’baal Peh (Oral Torah) corresponds to Malchus, which is Rochel. When Hashem blessed Yaakov with this blessing that his descendants will be nourished by way of Torah, this didn’t only mean Torah Sh’b’ksav, since He obviously knew that Yaakov would come together with Rochel. This is also part of a remez we can see when Yaakov kissed Rochel before they got married: that the Torah Sh’b’ksav loves the Torah Sh’baal Peh, and ultimately requires this for the Tikkun (rectification) of Malchus, however this was improper before the chuppah at Matan Torah. The Sulam HaShamaima also leads to much contemplation, the Malochim climbing up and down the ladder and the general imagery.

Hashem blessed Yaakov, he being the Torah Sh’b’ksav and Tiferes, that his descendants will be like the dust of the earth; earth corresponds to Malchus, the manifest world. Rochel corresponds to Malchus and hence to Torah Sh’baal Peh in nigleh specifically, while Leah corresponds to Binah and Sod, since Binah is removed from the order of manifestation and hidden, as Leah concealed herself. In order for all Tikkunim to be made as is proper, Tiferes has to unify with Malchus, the Torah Sh’b’ksav with the Torah Sh’baal Peh. The goal however is not to simply remain in Malchus, rather we must ascend the Sulam to the world of Binah through understanding the secrets of Torah. We can even see support for the idea that it is crucial to learn chassidus, which is founded in secrets of Torah, even before knowing Torah Sh’baal Peh so well, through Yaakov marrying Leah first, since Leah corresponds to Binah as stated above. Ultimately, our key purpose in life as Yidden must be to strive to ascend the ladder to Shamayim and serve Hashem as best we can, to cleave to Hashem with fiery love and passion fueled by His Torah.

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