Elevating our Prayers: Motzei Shabbos Parshas Noach 5781

A gitte voch! There’s another interesting sod we can learn from this week’s parsha that has to do with tefillah (prayer) from Parshas Noach

.It says in the third aliyah that the waters caused the ark to float up. As explained previously, the word for the “ark” is the same as that for “word.” We know from Kabbalah that water corresponds to Chesed, as well as Torah according to Chazal as described in the story about Rebbe Akiva. The way to help our prayers ascend to Hashem and be heard is to surround our tefillah with gemilus chasodim (acts of kindness) and learning Torah. Hashem should hear and answer all of our tefillos and elevate us to merit the coming of Moshiach swiftly in our days.

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