Sweetening Judgments and Breaking Klippos

In Keser Shem Tov, there are two perakim back to back that one can bring out some interesting ideas in avodas Hashem. The first perek states that in places that are scary, Hashem can still be felt and known there. This is because the sparks of holiness of the Shechinah fell by way of the Shviras HaKeilim (Destruction of the Vessels), and granted the wicked things an ability to instill fear in others. This fear can be converted, by the one who understands, into feeling the pain and torment of the Shechinah due to being trapped there, and Yiras Hashem. Through contemplating this the klippos in those areas is destroyed.

The second perek states that one should connect his thoughts with the Ohr Ain Sof that is within the letters of Torah and tefillah, which is the Ohr P’nei Melech Chaim, Light of the Face of the Living King. This is a huge principle in Torah and prayer, which is also efficacious to nullify Dinim (Judgements).

We can see that the custom of learning Torah on a journey, in which way much of the Zohar was developed, is very important. Even in such a situation where only the situation itself is frightening, rather than being around dangerous creatures, it is good to realize that even such a situation has Divine light in it, and through this the klippa of that situation can be destroyed and turned into something good. Especially through learning Torah, or talking to Hashem through prayer, this can bring enough Light to sweeten the judgments surrounding the difficulty and bring blessing through whatever is happening rather than bad things.

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