The Path of Light

Mishlei 4:18-19 “וארח צדיקים כאור נגה הולך ואור עד-נכון היום: דרך רשעים כאפלה לא ידעו במה יכשלו”

“The path of the Tzaddikim goes forth like a shining light illuminating greater until the proper point of the day (meaning: Chatzos/Noon according to Rashi and Metzudos Dovid). The way of the wicked is dark and they know not on what they stumble.”

The ultimate light is the Torah. Hashem gave us the Torah so that we should have a clear path and guidance so as to how we should attain d’veikus (cleaving) to Him and perform our Tikkun in this world. In order to understand complete fulfillment of the Torah, we must look to the paths of the Tzaddikim and how they went through their lives for some form of inspiration to serve Hashem better. If we can follow their paths, this is even better, but if not we can at least yearn to follow their examples. The wicked stumble over obstacles they cannot see because they do not learn, and even if they do learn, they simply do not understand why whatever they are doing is improper. For those who are unable to learn, the best thing to do is to look up to tzaddikim and read their stories, because this at least will serve as an illumination to their path and protect from grave error. Those who can learn must also look to the tzaddikim, but they also have the additional task of probing in all matters of Torah to understand not just Torah, but the spiritual mechanics of the world so as to understand why something is a stumbling block. After at least part of this is attained, then they need to teach and assist others, and this brings much z’chus upon such a person as it says in the end of the first perek of Bovo Kamo that even better than fulfilling what you have learned is to teach others Torah.

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