Pesach Sheni 5780

Tonight will be the beginning of Pesach Sheni, which is quite an interesting day, seeing as it is the makeup day for Pesach, which no other Yuntiff has. There are many lessons we can learn from this about Hashem giving us second chances, however I’d like to focus on a deeper aspect of the holiday. The mystical reason for this is explained in the Zohar HaKodosh III, Raya M’Heimna daf 252b.

In relation to the mitzvah of bringing the Korban Pesach one month later than Pesach itself for those who were unable to bring it or who were impure: it is said the secret of Emunah, which is expressed through the Korban Pesach, reigns in Nissan which causes Nissan to be a time of joy, because a tremendous Yichud takes place the first night of Pesach. How could it be that we can bring it in the second month, when this whole phenomenon isn’t occurring, because we missed the specific time? The answer is that on the first night of Pesach Klal Yisroel is crowned, meaning that we receive the aspects of the מוחין (Divine Mental Attributes) from Hashem in His permutation/face of זעיר אנפין, which is generally speaking the highest comprehensible level of Hashem we human beings can reach in direct understanding while living. We do not lose this crown until after thirty days from when Klal Yisroel brings the first Korban Pesach, that being Pesach in its proper time. During this time the Shechina dwells among us and it is possible to elevate the Queen to the King (כביכול) with joy, however this is not possible for those who couldn’t bring the Pesach the first time around. A call goes to all those who were unable to do this earlier on Pesach Sheni, so from 14 Iyar through the 20th, for seven days, we have the unique opportunity to engage in an incredible avodah of Yichud Kudsha B’Rich Hu U’Shchintei (Holy one Blessed be He and His Shechinah) because the Heavenly Gates of Pesach are open at this time.

Though now we are lacking a Beis HaMikdash and can’t bring the Korban Pesach at all, it is a huge inyan to eat matzah on this day, and in some kehillos to also eat maror and drink arba kosos, as is my minhag. For the next week we have an imperative to be b’simcha and daven a lot to Hashem because the Gates are open just as they are on Pesach HaRishon. For this reason, many chassidim don’t say Tachanun until after the week is up. Reb Noson of Breslov states in hilchos Netilas Yadayim in Likkutei Halochos that matzah is the perfect form of bread, and the bread of Emunah. Hence through our eating and celebrating on Pesach Sheni, we should merit to true simcha, growth in avodas Hashem, true Emunah, שפע ברכה והצלחה, tshuva, and to be able to bring a Korban Pesach on our next Pesach in Yerushalayim.

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