Living a Miraculous Life

The Yalkut Ateres Tzvi says that the Ateres Tzvi of Zidichoiv zy’a said that one who has complete Emunah (faith) in Hashem will awaken for himself הנהגה ניסית, a way of going about things that is accomplished through miracles, and such a person will not be governed by the laws of nature at all. This is important to remember, especially when things in life are difficult. Through complete Emunah and trust in Hashem, we can accomplish miracles that would seem otherwise impossible, since we then connect ourselves to the One who creates and machinates all things, rather than believing in the natural order itself. All too commonly do we believe that something happened due to natural causes alone, or believe that things can’t happen due to the laws of nature. What the Ateres Tzvi is reminding us here of is what the Ramban says, that all reality is a constant miracle, that Hashem is constantly renewing it, and there is no such thing as “Derech HaTeva,” (Way of Nature) because there is no nature. Everything is ultimately one with Hashem.

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