Hashem Will Always Love Us

I noticed tonight a huge difference in the nusach between Nusach Ziditchoiv and standard Nusach Sefard. If you look at the end of the brocho “Ahavas Olam” of Maariv in normal Nusach Sefard, it says ואהבתך אל תסיר ממנו לעולמים, and Your love, do not remove from us for eternity. Whereas in the Siddur Ziditchoiv it changes to לא תסיר ממנו לעולמים, Your love You will not remove from us for eternity. The Nusach Ziditchoiv has a reminder every night that Hashem loves us and will never remove His love from us, even if we mess up sometimes. We must always continue to work on growing and talking in Torah, and making tshuva for all of our errors.

Standard Nusach S’Fard from Siddur Avodas HaKodesh
Nusach Zidichoiv

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