Encouragement to Learn Kabbalah Lag B’Omer 5780

Excerpt from Kuntress Oros Shel Daas

Learning Chochma, meaning the works of Kabbalah, is an intrinsic part of the entire life of a Jew, kal v’chomer the lifeblood of a chussid. This was one of the original points of the Baal Shem Tov’s creation of chassidis, was to spread the Toras HaNistar to all Yidden, not just the upper class intelligentsia. Rebbe Nachman in Likutei Moharan brings that every Jew must know Kol HaTorah Kuloh, including the Zohar and Tikkunim. The Ateres Tzvi of Ziditchoiv brings in his sefer, Sur MeRa V’Aseh Tov that every Yid has an obligation to learn Chochmas HaKabbalah; he extends this to the Kisvei HoAri as well, rather than the Zohar alone. Our generation is in especial need for this limud. The Baal HaTanya even brings in the Shulchon Oruch HaRav in Hilchos Talmud Torah that Chochmas HaKabbalah is considered a chelek of “Talmud,” hence he may set aside one third or part of his third for Talmud to learning Kabbalah. Moireinu Rav Chaim Vital zt’l brings in the Hakdomo to Sefer Etz Chaim that one is not completely mekayem mitzvas limud haTorah unless he also learns Kabbalah.

It is brought in the Zohar HaKodosh that the geula will come through Limud HaZohar. We can learn this in two different ways: one is the “Geulah Yechidis,” being the personal redemption of the individual from the illusory nature of corporeality, and the second being “Geulah Klolius,” the geulah for the whole world through the arrival of Moshiach Tzidkeinu. If we interpret this maamar of the Zohar through the lens of the Maaseh Heichal HaMoshiach, which for those who are unfamiliar shall be included at the end of this kuntress, we can see that every Yid first requires his Geulah Yechidis before we can be zoche to the Geulah Klolius; meaning, that everyone must be osek in limud hachochma in order to taste the water of the wellspring, which will liberate the neshomos of all individuals, which will then lead to the Ribono Shel Olam sending us Moshiach, due to the fact that we shall be on the proper madreiga to receive him.

The tzaddikim predict a time in which the world will be full of atheism, and it will be nearly impossible to avoid its corruptive influence. The refuah and shmirah for this is learning Kabbalah. The Baal Shomer Emunim, Baal Ateres Tzvi, and many other rebbes directed their chassidim to learn multiple blatt Zohar and Tikkunei Zohar every day because these works purify the soul of a Jew and bring him closer to the state of dveykus haBorei. At the very least they inspire true emunah and are invaluable due to this.

In short, indeed, far too short, I hope these brief concepts will encourage the tzibur to labor in limud hachochma. Verily it is wondrous and a great benefit to all who labor in the toil of this study. The Chachomim throughout the generations bring many segulos and benefits that come to those who spend their time learning Zohar, Tikkunim, and the other works of Kabbalah. This small kuntress, however, is not the place to go into these segulos and maalos at length. The ikar segulah is brought by the Ateres Tzvi, which is that it brings to Yiras Shomayim and strength in Avodas HaBorei.

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