Yesod Sh’b’Gevurah 5780

We’re holding near the end of the week of Gevurah, in Yesod Sh’b’Gevurah. The Yesod of every week is a powerful day, because Yesod brings together all the powers of the sefiros and then projects them into Malchus. This is an interesting aspect within Gevurah, because Gevurah is the Sefirah of restriction. What we should contemplate now in our last hour in this aspect of Gevurah is how we can further our personal goals, and manifestation of the Ohr Ain Sof through concentration. Gevurah is not simply restriction in the sense that one prevents themselves from engaging in a behavior, rather it contains an aspect of focusing things, like blood through veins; blood being the the Ohr Ruchni (Spiritual Light), and the veins being the aspect of Gevurah, directing the blood where it needs to go in a healthy manner. The proper way for the Oros to be directed is towards building a Dira B’Tachtonim, the Dwelling Place in the Lower Worlds, for Hashem to dwell in this world, so to speak. Im yirtzeh Hashem we should all be zoche to focus the power of our neshomos towards good things, and we should be able to create a perfect Dira B’Tachtonim for the Ohr Ain Sof and thereby bring about the Y’mos HaMoshiach.

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