Tiferes Sh’b’Gevurah 5780

A gitte voch everyone! Tonight is Tiferes Sh’b’Gevurah in Sefirah. If I’d had time earlier, I’d have written on the previous days of Sefirah as well, but due to erev Shabbos falling right after Yom Tov, that was not workable. For today, our work must be in evaluating how we perform restrictive actions in a way that is balanced and pleasant. Gevurah is the sefirah of strength, restriction, and other such things. Anger is an improper expression of Gevurah, per example. The most common way this particular aspect would be expressed is in our interactions with other people. Rather than yelling at someone how they’re doing something wrong, per example, instead explain in a calm, reasonable manner why they’ve done something wrong, or why they shouldn’t do something. In place of engaging in self-harm, whether emotional or physical, to train yourself out of a behavior, perhaps try to reach an understanding as to why it is wrong, and find a way to make your lifestyle change for the better more beautiful somehow.

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