Tiferes Sh’b’Chesed 5780

Today it is Tiferes Sh’b’Chesed in counting Sefiras HaOmer, at least for the next hour or so here in NY. During this time period, we should evaluate our middos and see how we’re holding in different areas in regards to various aspects of avodas Hashem. The first day, Chesed Sh’b’Chesed is the aspect of absolute Chesed, that being expansiveness, kindness, charitability, etc. Second is Gevurah Sh’b’Chesed, that being the evaluation of our priorities, limiting Chesed so to speak. Per example, this day would be where you would evaluate if all of your tzedakah is going to worthy places, maybe you’re giving of yourself too much to unworthy causes. Tiferes is the aspect of Beauty, and also harmony, seeing as it is seated in the middle of the Etz Chaim this is very fitting. Today our avodah must be to evaluate how we are making things more beautiful through our actions, such as how our learning is impacting us to bring more harmony to our environment; if we’re using our money in regards to mitzvos in order to beautify the mitzva itself for the sake of Heaven, or if we’re beautifying the mitzvah so everyone will look at us and say how nice we’re beautifying a mitzvah. These things are all crucial to growing in avodas Hashem and are particularly relevant during this time period.

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