The Power of Thought

The Zohar brings down a very interesting idea (Zohar Chayei Sarah, 115) that what a person focuses on he becomes attached to, and those forces are dispatched to him by Hashem. Per example, if a person wishes to come closer to holiness and cleaves to holiness, involving his thoughts in higher things such as Hisbonenus and learning Torah, and he davens to Hashem, then he will be elevated to higher levels of holiness, he’ll receive help from Shomayim to come closer to Hashem. However, l’hefech, if a person focuses on tumah, then he’ll be sent demons and forces of tumah, ch’vsh r’l. The example brought is focused on the latter half, being Bilam and how he invoked forces of darkness through making himself incredibly impure. Other examples are brought as well of this, but that’s not what I’m seeking to focus on at this time. We have to look at the positive side, that being, reaching the state of holiness. This is a far more monumental task. It’s much easier to become tumah, one must simply engage in severe sins, burn some incense that’s associated with tumah, and there you go. We have much more work to do, as the only purely holy incense is that from the Bais HaMikdash, which we don’t have. Forces of tumah can be observed constantly in the world at large, even in our holy communities. The fact that people can’t sit for five minutes during davening without talking, or even ten seconds davening with kavono are perfect examples of this.

The Zohar is not talking about the “Law of Attraction,” which is a hoax. The Zohar is talking about the two binary forces that interact with Hashem’s world. Per example, if a person focuses on money, he’s not going to be brought money; rather, he’ll be drawn towards greed, avarice, and the forces of tumah will be set upon him to fill him with greater vices related to the gaining and collecting of money. If the person focuses on serving Hashem with simcha uv’tuv levov, then he’ll be sent forces of holiness that will bring him abundance, and hashpo’es tovos that will bring about wealth to some degree. This is not to say one will become rich from serving Hashem, the service must be done without anticipation of reward. In short, without ranting too long, what becomes attracted to a person depends on the level of his focus; if the person is focused on holy things, holy forces which are inherently beneficial will be sent to him, and if he focuses on wickedness, wicked things shall be sent to him. That is not to say our money-obsessed example will be unsuccessful, he may be wildly successful in the financial realm, but spiritually he has dug himself straight into the pits of Sheol Tachtiyoh; whereas the one who has focused on avoidas Hashem may not be quite as wealthy, but he has elevated himself to such a point that he will observe his s’char paid back to him in life, as Rebbe Nachman describes in Likkutei Moharan for the one who performs mitzvos lishma, even to the degree of not desiring s’char in Olam Haba.

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