Rosh Chodesh/Motzei Shabbos Tazira-Metzorah 5780

A gitte voch, a git choidesh everyone! Tonight is Tiferes Sh’b’Tiferes in Sefiras HaOmer. Though Iyar is considered a sad month due to the deaths of Rebbe Akivas students, the Netei Gavriel brings in the second volume of Hilchos Pesach u’Sefiras HaOmer that many tzaddikim considered Sefirah to be a sort of Chol HaMoed between Pesach and Shavuos. Keeping this in mind, we should view this time as a time of simcha rather than of mourning. According to Kabbalah, the reason we don’t listen to music at this time is because music influences the mind and spirit in various ways. So in order to make the tikkunim in the mind that we must in this time, we cannot have an extra influence as strong as music. Just keep this in mind as we go through this period.

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