On Seudas HaMoshiach, Erev Yom Tov 5780

A gitten erev Yom Tov! As we come into these last days of Pesach, I want to write about a very important inyan, that is the Seudas HaMoshiach done on Yom Achron shel Pesach. For those who don’t know, this is basically a Seudah Shlishis except on the last day of Pesach. The essential idea is that on this day we can have the kavonno to bring closer the Geulah, and by doing so while drinking Arba Kosos like by the sedorim, we can bring Moshiach more swiftly. This is tied in with the inyan of not eating gebrochts the rest of the Chag, but eating them the last day.

Matza is made of wheat. It is basically bread, but without yeast. Bread is essentially the foundation of human physical life and civilization as we know it. Water corresponds to the Torah; this comparison is made in several places in Chazal. The original problem of gebrochts is predicated on not mixing water with matzah, due to concerns that there is unkneaded flour in the dough. Spiritually speaking, we can see that this minhag alludes to the apparent separation of spirituality and physicality. Wine corresponds to Binah, as explained in the Zohar, and Binah dwells in the heart, as it says in the Tikkunim in Maamar Posach Eliyohu. So on the last day of Pesach, the day that we can mix gebrochts, we also make this special seudah with Arba Kosos to bring about the Yemos HaMoshiach, because in that time, all physicality will become completely imbued with spirituality, and we will all have constant awareness of Hashem. The way towards achieving the Geulah Yechidis, the personal redemption, is through cleaving to Hashem with the mental and emotional faculties through learning Torah and rejoicing in serving Hashem, and serving Hashem through the joy we have in our daily lives.

A frailichen zissen Yom Tov everyone!

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